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'Trouble in Mind' review or 'Whose truth shall we play?'

Trouble in Mind, Alice Childress
Print Room Theatre, 21st September 2017
Written for Time Out

Not everyone reading this review will have heard of the knockout star of this show, the black British actress Tanya Moodie. That fact alone suggests that the racial prejudices explored in Alice Childress’s ground-breaking satire ‘Trouble in Mind’ are still in play, no matter how much we like to think they’re not. Moodie turns in a soul-scorching performance: it boggles the mind that she isn’t yet a household name. The play is set in New York in the ’50s and was the first show written by a black woman to be professionally produced. Moodie plays Wiletta Mayer, a relatively successful actress who has learned to question rarely and laugh regularly. Rehearsals are underway for an anti-lynching play, supposedly progressive but actually steeped in prejudice. As rehearsals rumble on, Wiletta stops laughing and starts to question everything. Moodie is mesmerising. It’s a huge performance, yet never overblo…

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