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'Beowulf' review or 'The monster within.'

Beowulf – Chris Thorpe Unicorn Theatre, 18th October 2017

I experienced ‘Beowulf’ at the Unicorn Theatre as a real physical relief: a relief to get away from the bad news that will not stop; a relief to get away from my computer, my phone, and the endless screens that make up our everyday lives. Theatre is now one of the few places we can still go to escape from it all – a place where we focus on one thing only, leave the real-world behind and journey somewhere far away.  And what a journey this show is.
Chris Thorpe has always been a brilliant story-teller – a writer of rare precision and heart. It is an ache and a joy to listen to Thorpe tell a story in the theatre. This time the story is an adaptation of the epic poem ‘Beowulf’ and, whilst Thorpe doesn’t perform, you can feel his presence strongly in a show which is - in classic Thorpe fashion - equal parts hope and despair.
Beowulf might be an epic poem, but it’s essentially a very simple (wild) story about a Danish fighter who slays …

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