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'Buggy Baby' review or 'Are you strapped in?'

Buggy Baby, Josh Azouz 
The Yard Theatre, 13th March 2018
Written for Exeunt

Oh, but if you could have seen their faces! For much of Buggy Baby – the latest audacious offering from The Yard – the spectators packed in around me cannot, for the life of them, figure out whether to laugh hysterically or leave angrily. Everyone looks out of sorts, a little uncomfortable in their bodies with their faces locked in weird and newly-discovered expressions. I feel odd just remembering it now. I felt equally at odds with myself watching Josh Azouz’s play, which has been directed with near-obnoxious energy levels and flair by quirky-director-of-the-moment Ned Bennett. How I wanted to leave this production, which often seems like a mindless assault and provocation – an attempt to push us away rather than pull us in. But there is something about Buggy Baby that refuses to let me off the hook – something meaningful and perhaps something warm, despite the wilful levels of obfuscation and aggression, layer…

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