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'Perfect' review or 'I've been expecting you?'

'Perfect', Nicola Davies/Adam Fuller
Omnibus Theatre, 20th May 2018
Written for Guardian online

This is a finely calibrated family show, based on the thoughtful children’s book Perfect, written by Nicola Davies and lit up by Cathy Fisher’s wistful illustrations. Gentle when it needs to be but committed to exploring complicated themes, Perfect is about a boy who struggles with his emotions when he discovers that his much longed-for sibling has been born with a disability.  Director and dramaturg Adam Fuller has cleverly extended the early stages of the story to encourage the audience to share the boy’s impatient excitement about the birth. Eline Hallem plays the boy and is uncannily convincing as she races about with the gangly enthusiasm of a kid not yet used to his body. She interacts easily with the audience and asks them to share stories about their siblings. The children’s answers are incorporated into the script, their stories folded into the fabric of the show. Luned Gwawr E…

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