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'My First Ballet: Cinderella' review or 'We shall go to the ball!'

My First Ballet: Cinderella
Peacock Theatre, 12th April 2017
Written for Guardian online

It’s seven o’clock. My god-daughter Blue (aged six) should be in bed – but she’s staying up to watch My First Ballet: Cinderella. Blue’s biggest concern before the show: what dress will Cinderella wear and will it be blue? By the time Cinders makes it to the ball, Blue’s real world has disappeared. She turns to me with eyes glinting: “She’s here!” There’s magic in these glass slippers.

The show stars English National Ballet School students and has been choreographed – astutely if not extravagantly – by ENB graduate George Williamson. David Walker’s set and costumes have been swiped from the ENB collection and the dresses, in particular, are gorgeously romantic. They lend a grownup gloss to a student production that, understandably, occasionally falters. The chorus is strong but it’s the solo sequences that sparkle. The dance of the seasonal fairies is a brilliant showcase and allows the young dancer…

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